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08 February 2010

Things I Found Sexy as a Kid

Age 0-4: Linda Carter as Wonder Woman

Thrill to the orgasmic burst of energy as she changes from sexy secretary to sexy superhero who will chase you down and tie you up with a truth rope.

Wonder Woman indeed.

Age 4: Raquel Welch as a Necroton on Mork and Mindy

The first time I watched this episode, I had to turn it off because it bothered me as much as Mork is being bothered.

Age 6-7: Becky Perle on The Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam!

This outfit was truly too sexy for young children. I see now that Malo McCaslin wasn't too shabby either. Jim Greenleaf seems to be enjoying himself on his "organ."

Age 12: Madonna in "Open Your Heart"

I've probably seen this more than any other music video thanks to the power it had over me.

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